Disgusting Cake

Dating in the age of tinder, Plenty of Fish, Match, Eharmony and the other peddlers of finding a romantic match had brought Janet and Michael together. They had hit it off and were bubbling with erotic excitement about the possibilities of what this match could bring. This was neither Janet’s nor Michael’s first Rodeo in this kind of thing and were well aware of the possibility of its promise dwindling into oblivion. Janet and Michael wasted no time in graduating their relationship into the exploration of their carnal desires. Michael however harbored a deep shameful disgusting secret that despite his repeated attempts to suppress, predictably, reliably and consistently rears its head. Janet had delivered Michael a delicious well ripened fruit that oozed upon touch. Michael had indulged in a feast that seemed to quench both the seemingly thirsty one and gratify the obviously thirsty one. This feast of anatomical dance delight lasted long enough to extinguish Michael’s anxiety about his deep shameful disgusting secret. Janet was oblivious and feeling accomplished about her capabilities of her blooming garden. Michael had hurriedly rushed off to the bathroom immediately post dance and noises could be heard of him hurling projectile violent emesis. Janet in her unsuspecting state assumed that Michael had a bad batch of Salami or tuna sandwich. Michael confidently assured Janet that his stomach woes had passed and obviously and an isolated incident. The night was seemed successful for both parties and a second date was assured if not guaranteed as confirmed by follow up text messages.

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