Post Globalization Stress Disorder

The election of Emmanuel Macron, the defeat of Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders exemplify that Trump type win via the Electoral College was an outlier and an anomaly in the mature western democracies. The scapegoating of immigrants as an underlying root of working class citizens problems, appears to not be selling as well in Europe as it did in America. The Trump win is a symptom of un-diagnosed Post Globalization Stress Disorder that has afflicted college graduates of an overpriced education,  and a dislocated working class citizens that cannot adapt fast enough to keep up with robots.

I believe there are valid point towards some level of managing globalization. The offshoring of jobs to cheaper labor markets definitely makes sense to the business bottom-line. The expectations for those preexisting employees to reinvent themselves, pick up and go on about their business are unfair and shortsighted. The process of learning new skills takes time to become an expert. The pay grade, seniority, and benefits earned by ones longevity through investment of time and loyalty in an organization are lost, mostly without warning or a transition plan. Doing what you love as opposed to what you have to, impairs morale and disillusions the citizens loosing face to the conundrum of freestyle globalization.

The erosion of manufacturing jobs cannot be all attributed to cheap labor in third world countries but also to automation. I heard a recent proposal about taxing robots which makes sense in my opinion. However unless these taxed robot revenues make it back to the citizens that have negatively been affected by globalization, the victim of globalization is not consoled. I believe it all boils down to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and unless governments address their citizen’s needs from this hierarchical perspective, the division between classes will continue to expand and politicians will continue to exploit them to everybody’s peril.


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