Making Millions Hacking Hip-hop


DJ Khaled is the Chinese hacker equivalent of hip-hop culture


DJ Khaled is American record producer, radio personality, DJ, record label executive, and author. He previously went by the name Arab Attack, but changed it after the 9/11 attacks, as he did not want to appear insensitive according to Wikipedia. Quite a reliable source I suppose.


He continues to release hit danceable songs without being able to sing, dance or rap.

He incorporates your favorite multiple cream of the crop feature artists in his albums.

He has amassed hefty social media following that feeds his popularity and his bank account.

He has convinced you that nonsensical little phrases are deep profound philosophical phrases.

He will shove himself down your throat until you learn to love him.


Talent is whatever you believe it is and how many people you can convince its talent, dream big!

DJ Khaled is a talented DJ who might have a lot of marketing traits in common with Trump, so take notes.

There’s a little freshly minted Khaled 2.0 which pretty much ensures “another one” just for us to look forward to.

They don’t want you to win allegedly according to him, so don’t let the man hold you down.

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