Posting Selfies Could Lead to Aphasia


The camera in your phone may be making you less creative.


Up until the late nineties, no social media platforms existed. The rise of social media accompanied by the rise of smart phones has propelled the selfie and picture sharing culture into a staple habit.


A picture is worth a thousand words.

Millions of people have access to cameras through their smart phones.

There are millions of pictures posted on social media every day.

Majority of the masses are oblivious to photography being an art form.

Millions of hours are spent perusing through pictures and reacting to them.

Pictures evoke an immediate response and gratification as opposed to a story line that builds up to a climax.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, how many words are the thousand pictures in your phone worth?  Share less pictures, use more words.

Like buttons and emoji’s require no thought, a clever line nurtures your creativity.

Words paint pictures, words require reading, reading requires a level of commitment.

Social media is quite anti-social, keeps us physically apart with the illusion of keeping us close.

Photography is an art form, please respect it regardless of the number of megapixels on your smartphone.

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