The Hidden Ghost in Social Media


Social media posts are ghosts that will haunt us forever


Instagram (IG)has become the wild west of soft core posts.

Facebook owns Whats App

Instagram is owned by Facebook.

Facebook can tie you to your IG despite both being separate platforms.

WhatsApp has access to your contacts

Facebook knows who you know through your friends and contacts

Facebook knows where you live and visit through location

Twitter owns Periscope


Tones of opinionated Tweets

Twerk videos

Bogus slim fit tea and other harmful products advertisements

Crudely sliding into people’s DM’s

Going live to broadcast your bad behavior

Sharing deep unsolicited personal opinions about mediocre matters


Consider anything digitally posted:

Permanent evidence


Recorded by other people

Stored by other people

Duplicated, made copies/ pirated

Re transmitted into other platforms

This information builds your profile that can be used to make judgements about and against you.

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