Deficient Comedy on Late Night TV


Dave Chappelle is back doing stand-up and I am ambivalent.


Dave Chappelle is my favorite comedian since Chappelle show.

Dave Chappelle went MIA after the show and left as big a void in the comedy world as Tupac did the in rap world after his death or Barack Obama after leaving the White House.


Rise of mediocre comedians who shove their comedy down your throats.

Watching Chappelle show on YouTube religiously and repeatedly.

Rise of the extras on Chappelle show to into breakthrough solo acts.

Rise of underground comedy and improv through social media platforms like Vine and YouTube.

Anticipation and hunger for the long overdue return of Dave Chappelle to mainstream comedy.

Two stand up specials on Netflix but the long absence set my expectations too high.


Dave Chappelle is an above average intelligence comedian, watch his specials.

Dave Chappelle entertains you through deep metaphors that challenge you to think even after the act I over. Its brain food.

Maybe I am older but I was thoroughly entertained even when I was not laughing out loud.

Dave needs to cut down on the smoking since his voice struggled to deliver with consistent clarity.

Dave Chappelle deserves a late night TV gig, he has the humor and the intelligence unlike some of the current knock offs on late night TV.

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