Climate Change Deniers < God Deniers


God, unlike climate change, is not deniable.


Evolution theory proposes that a creator does not exist.

Big bang theory proposes that the universe was by chance.


The earth ecosystem has order from top of the food chain to the bottom. Order does not happen by chance even at the atomic level.

The earth ecosystem components are too precise, interconnected, and intricate to have originated from chance, imagine an accidental rose petal from a thorn-ed shrub that accidentally occurred.

No semi evolved organisms walking among us, every organism is complete in its own way serving its own unique purpose however subliminal it is.

All humans regardless of origin have an innate drive to believe in and search for a higher power, that’s what NASA is doing by the way.

I just became a father to healthy perfect little boy, not by chance but by design. The reproductive process from conception to birth is the most advanced production line.

Intelligence begets intelligence, we are yet to witness trees or animals develop a conscience and additional reasoning.


Evaluate yourself and imagine yourself accidentally occurring in nature for no meaning, purpose, rhyme or reason and thus doomed to such an end.

Evaluate nature and imagine the likely hood of the millions of accidents that would have to happen to results into the millions of interdependent life forms around.

Evaluate trees and vegetation and offer me an explanation of what a tree will eventually evolve to.

All man made things do not happen by chance but through man power and intelligence. Assuming all natural things are by chance is pleading ignorance.

Intelligent designer may  not equate to the God your house of worship is peddling.

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